It's high time to germinate your seeds!!!

Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.

What is the best and safest way to store marijuana seeds ?

Definitely it is a very important question, because you don't want to end up with dead seeds which will not germinate in the spring, exactly when it is too late to order a new pack.

First of all you should know that during natural winter dormant time marijuana seeds require proper low temperature and low humidity, lack of light and no oxygen that could wake it up. Besides that cannabis is a tough plant whose seeds will retain the ability to germinate under a wide range of conditions. The cannabis seed is safely stored under dry conditions and can withstand temperatures up to 98.6° F, the ideal temperature for storage is from 70 to 85 degrees F.

Perfectly low and constant temperature can be found in the fridge, at the shelf where usual happy vegetables have their place. The biggest threat to dormant marijuana seeds is moisture, both the atmospheric and surface film types. Note that fridge climate is always much to humid, so we have to protect our marijuana seeds from that humidity by sealing them in air tight plastic bag for the time of storing in the fridge. If the seeds are to be kept for a long period (like over a winter season), it would be a good idea to tape a small packet of silica gel or other dessicating agent to the inside of the container lid to absorb moisture. The dessicating material should not be in contact with the seeds. Protect from light by putting your plastic air sealed bag in another paper bag to cut off the light.

Your seeds are safe and will easily survive until spring or your desired germination time comes. Above procedure is known to protect cannabis seeds up to 3 years of time, but usually more than 50% of seeds die during third year of storing so probably you will get better results by germinating and planting your [główna| marijuana seeds] after second year maximum.

Best wishes of 100% seeds germination!

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