It's high time to germinate your seeds!!!

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How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Germinating marijuana seeds is an easy task, but requires some attention.

Firstly, practice germinating marijuana seeds with the free cannabis seeds that came with your order.

Many marijuana seed banks throw in these twenty free marijuana seeds to help with germination.

If you're going to ruin marijuana seeds during the germination process why not ruin the free cannabis seeds. Once you've got a handle of germinating cheap marijuana seeds then break open the expensive marijuana seeds for the real germination deal.

There are different methods of marijuana seed germination that prove successful:

MATERIALS: Paper-towels (at least 2 sheets), 2 plates/dishes (or similar object), warm water.

Place your marijuana seeds onto a damp paper-towel which is placed on a plate/dish, or similar object and cover them with another damp paper-towel. For best results, use water that is a bit warmer than room-temperature and cover the plate/dish with another plate/dish.

To prevent heat from escaping, as well as protect the marijuana seeds from light.

It is important that your marijuana seeds are removed as soon as the taproot has emerged.

If the marijuana seeds are left to soak too long the tap root could die.

After a period of 48 hours to seven days the vast majority of viable marijuana seeds will crack open with a white root tip emerging.

At this point the marijuana seed is gently placed in the growing medium approximately 1/2 inch deep with the root tip pointed downward.

What are other methods of marijuana seed germination?

Excellent question.

There are numerous ways germinate marijuana seeds.

Pre-soaking your marijuana seeds in a jar before planting them is a terrific way to ensure a greater germination percentage and faster cannabis seed germination rates.

Marijuana seeds should be soaked in a dark warm environment.

In this method, the grower places his/her marijuana seeds in a cup/mug of some sort, which is filled with warm water.

For best results, use water that is a bit warmer than room temperature. It is normal for the marijuana seeds to float on the surface. Let the marijuana seeds soak for a while as it is virtually impossible to over-soak cannabis seeds using this method.

Marijuana seeds should only be soaked until the taproot has emerged. Both of these methods of marijuana seed germination are equally effective if executed correctly. Most cannabis seeds should show their taproots within 24 hrs., and all weed seeds should show taproots within 48 hrs.

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