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Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.

From germinated marijuana seeds to fully developed seedlings

The marijuana seeds germination process for cannabis seedlings goes through distinct stages of growth and development. The timetable of seedling development is divided into six stages so check your seedlings to be sure that they follow the approximate time line described. Spot any problems early and remedy them in advance. Remember that the times given are approximate and will be altered slightly by such factors as temperature, humidity, etc. - but your seedlings should go through each stage close to the given times.

At germination the cannabis seeds cases split, but the two halves remain together as the primary tap root emerges from the pointed end of the marijuana seeds. The developing embryo leaves remain protected under the soil by the seed case around them. The primary tap root curves as it emerges from the seed casing and undergoes rapid growth during this period as it seeks to go straight downward into the soil.

Approximately 48 hours after germination the tap root has grown to about 1.5 inches and the primary root growth slows as fine lateral roots begin to develop. Cannabis seeds shell covers the embrio under soil layer.

Marijuana Seeds Positioning in SoilBetween 72 to 96 hours from germination, a fine lateral root system has started to develop just beneath the soil surface. The seedling concentrates its remaining energy into forcing its way above the surface and exerts pressure to crack the marijuana seeds case and cast it off when it emerges.(see ilustration stage 3)

The seedling stem begins to stand erect on the fifth day. The marijuana seeds casing is cast off or has remained at the soil surface when the seedling emerged. The embryo leaves are now spread out. These leaves are oval in shape and look somewhat smooth. They should be a yellow-green color when they first open and have a moist, waxy appearance. The seedling will turn to orient the embryo leaves to the light source.(see ilustration stage 4)

Photosynthesis has begun and the embryo leaves have become more green in color. The stem below the embryo leaves grows steadily from day 5 to day 10 and should reach the height of 1 to 1.5 inches above the soil surface. The first pair of simple foiliage leaves will develop during this period. They will appear at the center of the embryo leaves and be oriented at right angles to them. The foliage leaves are slightly oval, elongated, and are distinctly serrated. The stem now lengthens above the embryo leaf pair. The second and third pairs of foliage leaves should appear by day 12.

The embryo leaves, which have functioned as food storage organs for the emerging seedling and have started photosynthesis for the young plant, are no longer required and will begin to turn yellow, wither and fall away during the early part of the third week of growth. A fine lateral root system has developed beneath the soil surface to bring nutrients and moisture to the young plant. The seedling is now well on its way to becoming an adult cannabis plant.

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