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Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.
Click the picture to buy 10 marijuana seeds.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds

During germination, the marijuana seed awakens from its inactivity. Water is essential here, for as soon as the seed has absorbed a sufficient amount of water, the seedling begins to form its root system. Next it breaks through its shell. There are various possibilities for the process of germinating :

Germinating marijuana seedsPresoaking - Put some moist tissues on a plate. Put the seeds on top of them and then put a layer of moist tissues on the seeds. Cover the plate with another upturned plate, so that the seeds are in darkness and the environment remains moist. Put the covered seeds in a warm place (21°C). Update for paper towel method: germinating marijuana easy and successful. Check the seeds every day, sprinkle the tissues if necessary and carefully transplant the seeds when they open and the tip of the root becomes visible. Put the seed in a growth medium (soil or rock-wool), approximately the size of the seed under the surface (about 5 mm).

Sowing in the growing medium - Place the seeds under the surface in the growing medium at approximately the size of the seed. Position the marijuana seeds in soil with pointed end up. Regularly sprinkle the growth medium with water, but make sure that the soil or the rock-wool does not become too wet. The seedling uses the spare food present in the seed for growing. Air is very important for its metabolism. So make sure that the soil remains sufficiently airy. One of the characteristics of rockwool is that it retains much air. Make sure that the rockwool is not standing in water and that the excess water is able to drain away properly. Rockwool has a fine germination climate for the seeds. Remove the cover as soon as the seedlings reach above the medium.

Outside growing - Although it is possible to have the seeds germinate immediately outdoors, the germination percentage will be considerably higher if you first germinate indoors. From April to May the ground temperature is not yet ideal. Regularly put the emerged seedlings in a place where they can get used to outdoor conditions.

Young seedlings - Freshly germinated marijuana seeds which are about to drop the seed shell are seedlings starting its lifecycle. The young plants are still very delicate. Therefore you should not place them in direct sunlight or just below a 400 Watt lamp. This might cause burning. Provide young plants with nutrient water and add Boost to strengthen the root system.

"You can use a metal canester with lid to speed up the process place seeds inbetween two pices of moist tissue paper place it in the canester and wait about 2 days and your seeds will be sprouting, but you have to keep them in a warm place. The metal canaster collects the moisture that is normaly evaporated and deposits it back onto the tissue requiring less freqient dampining to the tissue. So far 100% success on our 3rd batch."

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